Biomes Week & Most Loved 5

This week at school was one of my absolute FAVORITES . . . BIOMES WEEK!! Each grade level spends a few weeks researching a specific biome and then the ENTIRE SCHOOL presents their projects to one another! SO FUN! Unfortunately I was so busy having fun that I took exactly ZERO pictures!! I even had a LIVE salamander in my classroom {we were the freshwater biome}.

Our students learn songs about their biomes and perform them on Biomes Night, when their parents can also come tour the school. It is the absolute best and I would LOVE it if every week was like Biomes Week!

Do you do something fun like Biomes Week at your school?!?

Picture below for reference – this is sort of what our class guest, Sal, looked like! My students thoroughly enjoyed his visit and looking at his amazing habitat!
Photo Credit

It was a fairly slow week on the Teacher Deals page as I was EXHAUSTED after each day of Biomes festivities but we did have some great finds. Check out our week’s Most Loved 5 below!


(1) Ticonderoga HOLOGRAPHIC Pencils!! New Discovery – we bought HUNDREDS of these this week!

(2) 40 – Pack of Dry Erase Board Erasers – perfect for little hands and easy storage.

(3) Glue Sticks have been on sale for a few weeks – I bought two packs for myself!

(4) Sharpie Flip Chart Markers– always popular in our group! The purple marker is my fave and I LOVE the bullet tip!

(5) How to Catch a Leprechaun! There is STILL time to grab this one for St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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