October Brain Break, Push Pin Magnets & Nap Essentials

Every Friday I’ll be sharing 5 deals, inspiration, or tips! This week we’ve included an easy brain break activity for any age level, so be sure to check out #2 on our list!

Recently Released, this new Halloween book from Jory John has great reviews and is sure to become a classroom must-read for the month of October.
You can snag a copy here.

I’ve created a FREE set of October themed Would you Rather cards for you to use with your students! (or unsuspecting staff!) Fun and Easy for brain breaks, morning meetings, and ice breakers. Kid’s of ALL ages enjoy giving their opinion!
You can view them here.

Push Pin Magnets!! These have been a community favorite with our group from the beginning! I’ve used them at home and in the classroom. They are surprisingly strong for their small size, and take up little space on your displays.
Snag this popular set of 50 here.

These Nalgene simple water bottles are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in fun colors. After trying out ALL types of water bottles, these are some of my favorites. Since switching to this style, I absolutely drink more water because I know that I don’t have to deal with taking it apart and cleaning out a straw.
Choose your own here.

Occasionally on the weekend, I like to take a day time nap! These eye masks are perfect for blocking out the sunlight and getting a restful snooze. I also take them along when we travel in case there are any pesky smoke detector or street lights!
Grab this set of three here.

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