Teacher Fashion Tips and Favorites

This week I’m talking about Teacher Fashion and my favorite places to shop for affordable, fashionable clothing!! I understand well that teachers want affordable, comfortable, stain resistant clothes that are long lasting and also look amazing!

Firstly, I want to bring some attention to an often forgotten, SUPER affordable store that ALWAYS has great teacher fashion options! Cato! I love their prices and I also love how frequently they change out their stock! I feel like they have new clothes every three weeks. I shop from our local store because it’s conveniently located next to my grocery store, but their online store is also great! They carry Women’s sizes 2 – 28!!

If you’re having a hard time choosing clothes to wear in the morning, it could be that you have TOO MANY clothes that you don’t wear anymore! Maybe they’re no longer your style or maybe they don’t fit anymore. The ONLY clothes that in your closet should be clothes that you are CURRENTLY wearing. This saves SO much time! You can store extra clothes that you’re not ready to get rid of in Space Saver Bags!

Teachers have STRONG opinions about pens . . . and pants!! Old Navy has been a community favorite for our group from it’s inception! We love the fit, fashion, and size range Old Navy has to offer. The Lee pants in the center are offered at most department stores, and also Amazon!

For Dress Wearers! In the early days of our community I shared that I wear Vassarette Slip Panties under ALL of my dresses. I get messages frequently from educators who remember the shorts, but not the brand, so I’m sharing them once again! They are my favorites because they keep everything together without making you feel like you need to hold your breath!

Cardigans were always a teacher fashion staple for me!! I used them to help my dresses and tops work for ALL seasons. A sleeveless summer dress can easily become a fall or winter dress with a nice cardigan! My favorite style is the Lightweight Cardigan with Pockets (A), but these are all community favorites. I’ve created a Teacher Fashion Idea List so that you can see all of our favorites in one place! I’ve included outfit options for both men and women!

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