Valentine’s Day Teacher Fashion and Classroom Tips

As lower elementary teacher, I always loved to dress up a little for each holiday, but I also liked to stay on budget and purchase fashion finds that could work for multiple occasions! This Zesica dress from Amazon has been trending in the long and short sleeve versions. I loved wearing dresses in the classroom because they made me feel put together, but were super comfy {like wearing a housedress all day and getting away with it!}

You can find everything featured here on my Amazon Storefront.

When I did Valentine’s Exchanges with my 2nd and 3rd grade students, I tried to make things as easy as possible for parents. In the week before Valentine’s Day we spent time in the morning decorating bags for our Valentine’s Day exchange. I purchased simple foam heart stickers and White Paper Lunch Bags from Walmart. Easy, breezy was always my celebration style.

50 Bags
Crayola Markers
Foam Valentine’s Day Stickers

And lastly, it’s hard for students to stay engaged on a special day like Valentine’s Day so I rarely taught new content and took advantage of the day to review basic skills like addition and subtraction. These Color by Code sheets from my TPT store were always a huge hit with my students.

Color by Code Subtraction Facts
Color by Code Addition Facts

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