Valentine’s Day Teacher Fashion and Classroom Tips

As lower elementary teacher, I always loved to dress up a little for each holiday, but I also liked to stay on budget and purchase fashion finds that could work for multiple occasions! This Zesica dress from Amazon has been trending in the long and short sleeve versions. I loved wearing dresses in the classroomContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Teacher Fashion and Classroom Tips”

Teacher Fashion Tips and Favorites

This week I’m talking about Teacher Fashion and my favorite places to shop for affordable, fashionable clothing!! I understand well that teachers want affordable, comfortable, stain resistant clothes that are long lasting and also look amazing! Firstly, I want to bring some attention to an often forgotten, SUPER affordable store that ALWAYS has great teacherContinue reading “Teacher Fashion Tips and Favorites”

Retreat, Relax, Renew

This week I’m sharing FIVE suggested products for reducing stress! Managing your stress level can feel impossible sometimes, but it’s important that you MAKE time for yourself. Educators often put themselves last. The pressing needs of everyone else just feel more important than our own! But I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’tContinue reading “Retreat, Relax, Renew”

October Brain Break, Push Pin Magnets & Nap Essentials

Every Friday I’ll be sharing 5 deals, inspiration, or tips! This week we’ve included an easy brain break activity for any age level, so be sure to check out #2 on our list! Recently Released, this new Halloween book from Jory John has great reviews and is sure to become a classroom must-read for theContinue reading “October Brain Break, Push Pin Magnets & Nap Essentials”

Week in Review & Most Loved 5

Last week was a pretty intense week for me at school – likely the most intense week of this school year! You probably can relate – there are just some weeks were you have ALL.THE.RESPONSIBILITIES and ALL.THE.MEETINGS! That was this week for me. The week concluded on Saturday with a Snowflake Ball that our schoolContinue reading “Week in Review & Most Loved 5”

What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 2

I had so much fun finding ideas for Book Character Day – I decided to keep going!!! Here are three more affordable options!! I chose this book because it is another classic and it is another book that has SOO many dress up options – so if you wanted your entire team to dress upContinue reading “What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 2”

What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 1

All over the country many schools will soon be celebrating Book Character Day or even Book Character Week!!!! Our moderator, Nikolette Crouch Bennett, is ALL about it, but dressing up is not really my thing! I’ve compiled this list to help simplify your life and get some costume ideas!!! If you grab something {or haveContinue reading “What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 1”