Valentine’s Day Teacher Fashion and Classroom Tips

As lower elementary teacher, I always loved to dress up a little for each holiday, but I also liked to stay on budget and purchase fashion finds that could work for multiple occasions! This Zesica dress from Amazon has been trending in the long and short sleeve versions. I loved wearing dresses in the classroom because they made me feel put together, but were super comfy {like wearing a housedress all day and getting away with it!}

You can find everything featured here on my Amazon Storefront.

When I did Valentine’s Exchanges with my 2nd and 3rd grade students, I tried to make things as easy as possible for parents. In the week before Valentine’s Day we spent time in the morning decorating bags for our Valentine’s Day exchange. I purchased simple foam heart stickers and White Paper Lunch Bags from Walmart. Easy, breezy was always my celebration style.

50 Bags
Crayola Markers
Foam Valentine’s Day Stickers

And lastly, it’s hard for students to stay engaged on a special day like Valentine’s Day so I rarely taught new content and took advantage of the day to review basic skills like addition and subtraction. These Color by Code sheets from my TPT store were always a huge hit with my students.

Color by Code Subtraction Facts
Color by Code Addition Facts

Teacher Fashion Tips and Favorites

This week I’m talking about Teacher Fashion and my favorite places to shop for affordable, fashionable clothing!! I understand well that teachers want affordable, comfortable, stain resistant clothes that are long lasting and also look amazing!

Firstly, I want to bring some attention to an often forgotten, SUPER affordable store that ALWAYS has great teacher fashion options! Cato! I love their prices and I also love how frequently they change out their stock! I feel like they have new clothes every three weeks. I shop from our local store because it’s conveniently located next to my grocery store, but their online store is also great! They carry Women’s sizes 2 – 28!!

If you’re having a hard time choosing clothes to wear in the morning, it could be that you have TOO MANY clothes that you don’t wear anymore! Maybe they’re no longer your style or maybe they don’t fit anymore. The ONLY clothes that in your closet should be clothes that you are CURRENTLY wearing. This saves SO much time! You can store extra clothes that you’re not ready to get rid of in Space Saver Bags!

Teachers have STRONG opinions about pens . . . and pants!! Old Navy has been a community favorite for our group from it’s inception! We love the fit, fashion, and size range Old Navy has to offer. The Lee pants in the center are offered at most department stores, and also Amazon!

For Dress Wearers! In the early days of our community I shared that I wear Vassarette Slip Panties under ALL of my dresses. I get messages frequently from educators who remember the shorts, but not the brand, so I’m sharing them once again! They are my favorites because they keep everything together without making you feel like you need to hold your breath!

Cardigans were always a teacher fashion staple for me!! I used them to help my dresses and tops work for ALL seasons. A sleeveless summer dress can easily become a fall or winter dress with a nice cardigan! My favorite style is the Lightweight Cardigan with Pockets (A), but these are all community favorites. I’ve created a Teacher Fashion Idea List so that you can see all of our favorites in one place! I’ve included outfit options for both men and women!

Retreat, Relax, Renew

This week I’m sharing FIVE suggested products for reducing stress! Managing your stress level can feel impossible sometimes, but it’s important that you MAKE time for yourself. Educators often put themselves last. The pressing needs of everyone else just feel more important than our own! But I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t care for you mind and body, that it will start forcing you to!

Tabitha Brown’s book was recently released and climbed to the top of the Bestseller list! I shared in the group earlier in the week and I’m about half way through! I highly recommend the audio version, her voice is soothing and she is a positive ray of light! You can snag yours here.

The way I show love to others is through gift giving and over time I’ve learned that I need to give gifts to MYSELF sometimes. This care package would be a sweet way to show care to a friend, but also to show care to yourself!!

I grabbed this journal this week after wanting one for quite some time! There are fun/mindless activities to do on every page to take your mind off of the chaos in your life!

For a long time, I’ve allowed muscle aches and pains to prevent me from even TRYING to have a fit, healthy body. Specifically, I’ve always had pain in the back of my calves. My personal trainer recommended trying a foam roller and it has been a GAME CHANGER for me. An odd thing to share, but I had no idea that such a thing even existed, so here you go! I roll out specific muscles before and after I work out and it has changed how I feel about my workouts! Grab one for yourself here. I have the 36″ roller.

Lately I’ve been struggling to fall asleep at night. ALL the thoughts just swirl around in my head, sometimes until the sun comes up! Something that’s been working for me the past few weeks is listening to music with my Bluetooth headphones until I feel sleepy. I don’t let myself scroll on my phone, I just lay there and let myself get lost in the music. Snag this pair here.

October Brain Break, Push Pin Magnets & Nap Essentials

Every Friday I’ll be sharing 5 deals, inspiration, or tips! This week we’ve included an easy brain break activity for any age level, so be sure to check out #2 on our list!

Recently Released, this new Halloween book from Jory John has great reviews and is sure to become a classroom must-read for the month of October.
You can snag a copy here.

I’ve created a FREE set of October themed Would you Rather cards for you to use with your students! (or unsuspecting staff!) Fun and Easy for brain breaks, morning meetings, and ice breakers. Kid’s of ALL ages enjoy giving their opinion!
You can view them here.

Push Pin Magnets!! These have been a community favorite with our group from the beginning! I’ve used them at home and in the classroom. They are surprisingly strong for their small size, and take up little space on your displays.
Snag this popular set of 50 here.

These Nalgene simple water bottles are lightweight, easy to clean, and come in fun colors. After trying out ALL types of water bottles, these are some of my favorites. Since switching to this style, I absolutely drink more water because I know that I don’t have to deal with taking it apart and cleaning out a straw.
Choose your own here.

Occasionally on the weekend, I like to take a day time nap! These eye masks are perfect for blocking out the sunlight and getting a restful snooze. I also take them along when we travel in case there are any pesky smoke detector or street lights!
Grab this set of three here.

Biomes Week & Most Loved 5

This week at school was one of my absolute FAVORITES . . . BIOMES WEEK!! Each grade level spends a few weeks researching a specific biome and then the ENTIRE SCHOOL presents their projects to one another! SO FUN! Unfortunately I was so busy having fun that I took exactly ZERO pictures!! I even had a LIVE salamander in my classroom {we were the freshwater biome}.

Our students learn songs about their biomes and perform them on Biomes Night, when their parents can also come tour the school. It is the absolute best and I would LOVE it if every week was like Biomes Week!

Do you do something fun like Biomes Week at your school?!?

Picture below for reference – this is sort of what our class guest, Sal, looked like! My students thoroughly enjoyed his visit and looking at his amazing habitat!
Photo Credit

It was a fairly slow week on the Teacher Deals page as I was EXHAUSTED after each day of Biomes festivities but we did have some great finds. Check out our week’s Most Loved 5 below!


(1) Ticonderoga HOLOGRAPHIC Pencils!! New Discovery – we bought HUNDREDS of these this week!

(2) 40 – Pack of Dry Erase Board Erasers – perfect for little hands and easy storage.

(3) Glue Sticks have been on sale for a few weeks – I bought two packs for myself!

(4) Sharpie Flip Chart Markers– always popular in our group! The purple marker is my fave and I LOVE the bullet tip!

(5) How to Catch a Leprechaun! There is STILL time to grab this one for St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Week in Review & Most Loved 5

Last week was a pretty intense week for me at school – likely the most intense week of this school year! You probably can relate – there are just some weeks were you have ALL.THE.RESPONSIBILITIES and ALL.THE.MEETINGS! That was this week for me.


The week concluded on Saturday with a Snowflake Ball that our school hosted! (This is what I’m shopping for above) I was on the committee for the ball and I have to admit – I had been pretty negative about the entire experience of planning it. In spite of my poor attitude – it was an ABSOLUTE success and our students and parents had an amazing time!!! I have a personal goal to be more positive and I’ve been in prayerful reflection about it this weekend.

Do you get cranky and negative when you are overwhelmed, also? How do you deal so that you don’t bring others down with you? I would love to hear your ideas.

Switching gears, this week in the teacher deals group we had several popular items, listed below are our absolute faves from the week.


(1) Our fave Swingline Stapler! This is the stapler that I let my students use!

(2) Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper – freshen up your walls and cabinets! A group fave from last summer!

(3) Faux Leather Earrings – Great price for 12 pairs!

(4) Mini-Jenga – for indoor recess or write math facts, letters or sight words on them!

(5) Multicultural Crayons – must have for your classroom if your students are drawing people!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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Read Across the USA


Beyond Dr. Seuss – Last year my second graders and I spent reading week exploring the different regions of the US! I chose five books from the different regions of the US. My kids and I colored in the regions on a map and did activities for each book! Click here for the FREE resource I used to create the maps!

This year we are celebrating the week after most schools because we have our school biomes celebrations this week! I plan to Read Across the USA again this year with my third graders – using different books because I looped with some of my students.

Here are a few books that I recommend!! Clicking on the images will take you to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.






If you are interested in learning why the NEA {official sponsor of Read Across America} has transitioned from Dr. Seuss books to Diverse Books you can read more about it here: ❤️

What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 2

I had so much fun finding ideas for Book Character Day – I decided to keep going!!! Here are three more affordable options!!


I chose this book because it is another classic and it is another book that has SOO many dress up options – so if you wanted your entire team to dress up – this book would be fun to do!!

Strawberry Costume

Butterfly/Caterpillar Antennae

Butterfly Wings

Caterpillar Plush

The Very Hungry Caterpillar {Book}


A few years ago one of my teacher friends had her ENTIRE CLASS dress up with yellow shirts and groovy buttons. It was absolutely adorable!! This is a SUPER easy costume. You could even make the buttons out of paper plates! I chose this yellow shirt because Pete’s has a collar!

Yellow Collared Shirt

Pete’s Buttons

Blue Cat Ears

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons {Book}


Obviously this is NOT a costume for the Big Friendly Giant, but for Sophie!!! I think this is probably my favorite costume idea so far! I think that it would be incredibly comfy and give me an excuse to buy those color changing fairy lights!!!!!!

Pink Nightgown

Pink Glasses {Anti Blue Ray – so also functional!}

Fairy Lights with Remote

Gallon Glass Jar


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What Should I Wear on Book Character Day?!?! – Part 1

All over the country many schools will soon be celebrating Book Character Day or even Book Character Week!!!! Our moderator, Nikolette Crouch Bennett, is ALL about it, but dressing up is not really my thing! I’ve compiled this list to help simplify your life and get some costume ideas!!! If you grab something {or have ideas} comment below!


A total classic outfit that is instantly recognizable and very easy to pull together! Wear whatever clothing you like with these accessories and face paint!! A very affordable costume!

Socks and Fingerless Gloves
Face & Body Crayons
A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon {Book}


The Harry Potter series is my absolute favorite, but robes can be pricey! A few years ago I grabbed a few Quidditch shirts and they are my go-to “costumes” for Book Character day!! And if you go with a house other than Gryffindor the headbands are much more affordable! This year I’m going with Hufflepuff!

Wand/Glasses/Tie Accessory Set

Gryffindor Lanyard


Quidditch Shirt


I had SO much fun with this costume idea! There are many books in this series!! Your entire team could each represent a different book! {I am SURE that some genius teacher crew has already thought of this!}

Wig & Accessories Set

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly {Book}

Plush Fly

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog {Book}

Plush Frog

There Was An Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon

Inflatable Moon

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pirate Map {Book}

Roll Up Pirate Map

I am in the process of completing Part II and will post as soon as its ready!!! I hope that you found this helpful as you prepare for Book Character Day!!


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Snow Day & Most Loved 5

Happy Sunday!!!!! I’m feeling well rested after an unexpected three day weekend! We were out of school on Friday because of snow. I made big plans for the day – I was planning to purge my out-of-control closet . . . . but instead I did NOTHING! Absolutely nothing, and it was glorious!

Today, I’m playing catch-up – trying to get my life and my lesson plans in order!!


This week I was SOOO excited to see our group’s favorite headphones back on sale!!! We also found great deals on our favorite Sharpie’s and Expo markers!!

1. noot Headphones – get an extra 25% off with code – noot2500

2. Post-It Tabs! – I use these in all of my teaching manuals and give them to students to use as bookmarks!

3. Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers have been on limited deal for a few weeks!

4. This is our FAVORITE Expo assortment!! 16-count Assorted Colors!

5. St. Patrick’s Day Read Aloud – Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase!