Hello & Most Loved 5

I’m so excited to be getting “back to my roots” of writing and being a teacher blogger. Ten years ago I created a blog* to connect with other teachers and share about my experiences as a beginning teacher. I’ve learned a few tricks since then and feel that the time is right for me to put my fingers to the keyboard once again.

Each Sunday I will post our “Most Loved 5” – the best selling items of the previous week from our Facebook Group. I will also occasionally be posting my musings and experiences as an elementary school teacher!!

So without further ado . . . Our “Most Loved 5” for the week!


1. The Harry Potter ILLUSTRATED edition – Book 1!

2. Sharpie Flip-Chart Markers – Assorted Colors – Under $5!

3. Our group fave stickers! Still in stock!

4. Tens Frame Playing Cards for K-2

5. Disco Ball – for celebrations and class rewards!

Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

*now-defunct – The Original Math Maniac Blog